Snow Report

Updated: December 2, 2020

 No grooming until Friday Dec 4th. Early season conditions exist including rocks, dirt and debris. We will not be renting ski equipment until we get more snow.

Evening StarDec 1trackset, early season conditionsLast ChanceDec 1trackset, early season conditions
Night HawkDec 1trackset, early season conditionsBuck's Trek WestNov 2020not recommended
SpeculatorDec 1trackset, early season conditionsBuck's Trek EastNov 2020not recommended
Midnight SunDec 1trackset, early season conditionsSilversideNov 2020not recommended
Lower MeadowNot recommendedWinter's Creek TrailNov 2020not recommended
Kid's Adventure TrailNov 2020We leave this deep for the kids, groom it occasionallyPanorama Summit Short Loop 5Kmnot recommended
Miner's AlleyDec 1trackset, early season conditionsMumby's Loop- new side loop 1.3kmnot recommended
Upper MeadowClosed until it snowsMascot- *NEW*closed until more snow
K-9 (Dog Trail)closed until it snowsWinter's Creek RoadNov 2020trackset, early seasons conditions
McNeil's ClaimDec 1trackset, early season conditionsMotherlodeclosed until it snows
CannonballDec 1trackset, early season conditionsReimer's Reach Eastclosed until it snows
Hidden MysteryDec 1
trackset, early season conditionsReimer's Reach Westclosed until it snows
Eagles NestDec 1trackset, early season conditionsBuzikievitch Boulevardclosed until it snows
VindicatorDec 1very thin!!

Nickel Plate Nordic Centre is located 6.5 kms (4 miles) past Apex Mountain Resort on the Hedley/Nickel Plate Road, an all-weather road maintained by the BC Ministry of Highways.

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