7am Sunday February 25th
Currently -9c with a forecast high of -6c with partly clear skies in afternoon
No new snow overnight with a base of 302 cms
Trail Rating – Excellent condition
On snowy mornings we start on outer trails and finish around 9 am on lower trails closest to the lodge in order to provide good tracks for those arriving early.
Snow tires are mandatory when driving up to Nickel Plate.

SEASONS PASSES can be picked up at the ticket office

Today’s groomed trails are:
Evening Star
Mcneil’s Claim
Eagles Nest
Last Chance
Upper Meadow
Lower Meadow
Panorama 5km loop
Midnight Sun
Hidden Mystery
Bucks Trek West
Adventure Playground and Trail
Miner’s Alley

All trails are two-way.

Snowshoe Trails Open:
Gold Dust 1 hour – easy
Quicksilver 1 hour – easy
Claimjump 2.5 hours – advanced – remarked – There are some open sections and trail crossings where you need to look for our specific Nickel Plate signs and flagging.
Prospecter 3 hours – advanced
Bonanza 3 hours – advanced – caution steep sections where poles are recommended

While snowshoeing, always follow the GREEN flagging only and the Nickel Plate trail name marker signs on the trees. Always turn around if you are not sure of your whereabouts and retrace your route, especially in the afternoon when darkness is approaching. The rental shop closes at 3 pm and there is no patrol. Our snowshoe crew has tromped in and reflagged all the trails. There is a Tuesday snowshoe group that meets in front of the ticket office at 10 am if you would like to join in. They rendezvous at the free day-lot adjacent to Home Hardware at 9 am. You must be able to walk continuously for an hour to take part.

Nickel Plate Potluck – February 24: The potluck dinner starts at 5:45 with music by Chris Prowse and John Pearson to follow. Check the website for updates or changes. Everyone is welcome. No charge, just bring your own cutlery, beverages and dishes as well as a potluck item (appetizer, salad, side dish, casserole, soup, or dessert). Bring a headlamp for optional skiing before or after dinner. Full kitchen facilities are available for food prep and storage.

See the Events Calendar and News pages for details on the Ski-a-thon scheduled for March 3 and the Mexico Spring Break Loppet on March 25.

Have a great day!

Nickel Plate staff