Welcome to Nickel Plate Nordic Centre Cross Country Ski Lessons for Youth Skills Development Program (SDP)

Welcome to Nickel Plate Nordic Centre Cross Country Ski Lessons for Youth Skills Development Program (SDP). Nickel Plate Nordic Centre has been providing lessons for children for over a decade. The Skills Development Program is an excellent way to get your children involved in the great sport of cross country skiing. From ages three to teen, skills, technique, and competition are taught at a progressive level. Children will learn both classic and skate skiing at the appropriate lesson levels. For more information contact our coordinator Janelle Dunn Parchomchuk.


Program Lessons Membership Insurance Total
Bunny Rabbit $75 0 $19 $94
Jackrabbit Level 1/2 $85 $50 (ages 6+) $19 $154
Jackrabbit Level 3/4 $95 $50 $19 $164
Trailblazers $95 $50 $19 $164

We would like families to know that subsidized rates are available to those who may not be able to afford the cost. For information please contact info@nickelplatenordic.org.

Registration for the 2017-2018 season is now open on the zone 4 system! Visit Zone 4 to register for Nickel Plate Nordic Centre Youth Programs.

New this year!

Volunteer sign up

This is a volunteer run program, therefore all parents will be called on to volunteer at some time. Tasks include coaching, assistant coaching, helping with special events and preparing hot chocolate. Sign-up is available during the online registration process.

2017/2018 Schedule

This is a 12-session program every Saturday from December 9th to March 10th. Nickel Plate is now aligned with the Skills Development Program laid out by Cross Country Ski Canada. We know that some families will not be able to attend each and every ski-session, and that is A-okay. We recommend that each skier tries to attend 10 sessions to get the most out of the program.

Lessons begin at 10:30 am. Students will meet outside at the location designated by your coach.

  • Dec 9: Lesson #1. Please come early for meeting at 9:30am.
  • Dec 16: Lesson #2
  • Dec 23: no lessons
  • Dec 30: no lessons
  • Jan 6: Lesson #3. New Year Campfire. BYO BBQ food
  • Jan 13: Lesson #4
  • Jan 20: Lesson #5
  • Jan 27: Lesson #6
  • Feb 3: Lesson #7
  • Feb 10: Lesson #8
  • Feb 17: Lesson #9
  • Feb 24: Lesson #10 – Fun day activities and potluck
  • Mar 3: Lesson #11 – Bonus lesson
  • Mar 10: Lesson #12 – Bonus lesson

Track Attack

The Track Attack program has now been joined with the junior racing program. Please view the junior racing program for information.

Trailblazers Program

The Trailblazers program has been reinstalled this year. This program helps to accommodate skiers and families who may not be able to commit to the Junior Racers Program. It is also designed for those kids that are more inclined towards recreational skiing.

For those of you putting kids into cross country ski lessons for the first time, here are a few tips on clothing:

  1. Please don’t overdress your kids. Nordic skiing generates a LOT more body heat than downhill skiing, and overdressing restricts body movement, as well as getting very sweaty (which then becomes very cold very quickly when you stop moving).
  2. Dress in layers. Use wool or synthetic pile-type clothing in layers, with a windproof layer on top if necessary. NO JEANS (or cotton) – they are unsuitable for this activity as they keep moisture next to the skin.
  3. Spare clothes (hats, socks, gloves/mittens, snowboots and a warm overjacket) are great for after the class – many kids love to stick around and play after lessons are over. By all means, bring toboggans and other snow toys for after class fun. We have “adventure hill” immediately behind the main lodge, where kids will be sure to have some “close encounters with gravity.”
Please try to be familiar with your kids’ gear before the lessons begin. If the boots are new or unfamiliar, have your child wear them for a while to see that they fit well. If you know that their boots chafe, try to tape their heels or other areas, so that hot spots don’t become blisters. The coaches will give suggestions if the child’s equipment is too long, short, etc.

Classic or Skate?
All ski programs use classic ski gear. Waxless skis are sufficient for use in all levels, however, once skiers are in Jackrabbits Level 4, they may want to have waxable skis.
For Jackrabbits Levels 3 and 4 Skate Ski equipment will be used during half of the lessons. If your child does not have skate skis, Nickel Plate can supply these from our rental fleet.

You can find more information about Ski Equipment/Preparation on the CCBC website.

This year there will be a ski swap at the Bike Barn in Penticton on October 14, 2017. This is a great way to pick up slightly used ski equipment for your kids. Nickel Plate members will be on hand to help choose and size equipment.
If you don’t own Nordic ski gear for your kids, the club offers seasonal rentals for the price of $50 for the season (including non-lesson times). Seasonal rental fees can be paid during lesson registration on the Zone 4 system.
Helping children learn to ski is a great way to enjoy the sport as a family. New coaches are always needed to help run the Skills Development Program! Nickel Plate Ski Club offers coaching courses, free of charge, to parents or guardians who would like to begin coaching. For information on upcoming coaching courses, please contact info@nickelplatenordic.org.
Too little for lessons but want to join in the fun? We have a Cottontail Trail activity loop for parents to use with their 3 and 4 year olds. Hot chocolate is provided in the cabin. No charge for this volunteer parent-led program.
Cross country ski fun for children ages 4 to 6. The emphasis is on having fun while developing fundamental movement skills through activity and play. Bunny Rabbits is a one-hour program.

Saturday mornings – 10:30 am -11:30am.
Fees: $75 + insurance fees. Membership for children 5 and under is free.

These levels teach the basic cross-country classic skills. The emphasis is on having fun, helping develop confidence, improving the skiers’ balance & agility, and providing children with an opportunity to ski and socialize with their ski friends. This is a 2-hour program with a 15-minute hot chocolate break.

Saturday mornings – 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Fees: $85 + membership and insurance fees

The Jackrabbits levels 3 and 4 continues to teach cross-country classic skills and introduces the basics of skate skiing. The development of agility, balance and coordination gives children a foundation for participation in many physical life-activities. (Please note, skiers are not expected to pass each level every year. Cross Country Ski Canada outlines a 30 session program for Level 3 and 4, whereas our program offers only 12 sessions).

Saturday mornings – 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Fees: $95 + membership and insurance fees

This group is for the youth skier who has completed Jackrabbits Level 3, and would like to continue skiing, but with less focus on skills development. The program will emphasize social and recreational opportunities, with some technique reminders, while going on longer skis.

Saturday mornings – 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Fees: $95 + membership and insurance fees

Volunteer Coaching Certification For Parents

Learn to coach cross country skiing! Nickel Plate is offering both the “ICC” and the “CC” Workshops this November. They are part of the National Coaching Certification Program in Canada.

Introduction To Community Coaching Workshop “ICC”

This workshop is designed to teach parents and other beginning coaches with basic information and a feeling of confidence as they begin their role as a coach.  It teaches coaches how to deliver a series of age-appropriate skill development sessions under the guidance/supervision of more experienced coaches.  The orientation is to skiers of all age groups with an emphasis on working with children under six years of age. Coaches are taught basic coaching skills, how to teach the fundamentals of technique, growth and development considerations, how to create a motivating learning environment and how to set up a ski playground.  There are no prerequisites except enthusiasm and the minimum age requirement of 14 years. 10 hrs/ workshop. $85 for CCBC members. Free for volunteer coaches.
Date – October 28, 2017.

Date – November 3rd and 4th, 2017.

Community Coaching Workshop “CC”

This workshop is the second step in the NCCP coach education program. It provides essential training for coaches delivering an effective skill development program to children six to nine years of age. This program is designed to train coaches to teach children technical skills, select games that reinforce the technical skills being taught, design and lead on-snow sessions, select and prepare equipment for young children and make learning FUN. Successful completion of the ICC Workshop, enthusiasm and a minimum age of 14 years are the only prerequisites. 16 hrs / workshop. $105 for CCBC members. Free for volunteer coaches.
Date – November 25th and 26th, 2017
Place – Nickel Plate Nordic Centre, Penticton, BC

Date – December 2nd and 3rd, 2017

Registration – contact janellep@telus.net.