Cross Country Ski Trails

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Nickel Plate Trails with level of difficulty

Northside Trails

Snowshoe Trails

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Nickel Plate Cross Country Ski Club Snowshoe Trails

Nickel Plate Cross Country Ski Club has 25 kilometers of self-guided signed snowshoe trails. All trails begin and end at the lodge. Please do not snowshoe on the ski trails, except were they intersect with the snowshoe trails. All the trails are marked with fluorescent green flagging tape.

A group(s) leaves the Lodge every Tuesday morning and snowshoes one of the marked trails. The snowshoe trails can be used at any time as all the trails are well marked with trail descriptions and a map facilitates easy negotiation of the trails.

The Gold Dust Snowshoe Trail

This is an excellent beginner’s trail. The trail crosses open meadow areas and passes through stands of lodge pole pine. This trail is relatively flat and should take 1 1/2 hours of easy snowshoeing to complete. The trail can be accessed from either end.

Bonanza Snowshoe Trail

Bonanza is a new trail added in 2013 as an extension off Gold Dust. This is an advanced trail. The trail may be done both clockwise and counterclockwise as it involves a decent down to cross Buck’s Trek ski trail then follows Winter’s Creek before heading back up to Gold Dust. The trail itself is 2.5 km long with steep climbs out from Buck’s Trek. It takes about 2 hours. However, it is one of the best trails for the amazing variety of terrain.

Quicksilver Snowshoe Trail

This is a beginner’s trail. The trail starts at the cabin and follows the east side of the Gold Dust trail as it climbs to the junction at the top end of McNeil’s Claim ski trail. The trail then stays on contour to the logging road and then drops down to a skid road, out to the Shortcut, up to Cannonball and Midnight Sun ski trails and then follows the Adventure trail back to the lodge. This trail is best accessed from the west side as outlined above and should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

Prospector Point Snowshoe Trail

This is an advanced trail. This trail follows the east side of Quick Silver and follows the Shortcut ski trail down to Bucks Trek ski trail. It crosses Bucks Trek and Winters Creek up a fairly steep riparian area to Silver Side ski trail, and then crosses the Winters Creek road. It follows an old skid trail up to Eagles Nest ski trail, continues uphill to Eagles Nest again, and continues east to just prior to the upper meadow. It is a steady climb from the crossing of Winter’s Creek to this point. The snowshoer can then follow the trail along the east side of Eagles Nest back to the cabin (mostly downhill).

Claim Jump Snowshoe Trail

Claim Jump is a “lollipop” like loop that leaves the parking area on the northside of Hedley/Nickel Plate Road. It is an intermediate trail that you may take your dog for a hike. It is 5 km long and takes 2 hours.

Check Out the Trails Before and After Grooming

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Trail Etiquette

Please follow these simple guidelines when skiing at Nickel Plate:

  • Obey all signs and ski only on trails suited to your ability.
  • All trails are two-way. On double tracked trails, ski in the right track. If there is only one track and you meet another skier, it is courteous for the skier with more ability to step out and move around the slower skier, and on  hills, the downhill skier has the right of way for safety reasons. Faster skiers should give a wide berth while passing  or a courteous warning five metres before passing slower skiers (on your left!)
  • Skaters: Please avoid the classic tracks. Please do not skate behind the groomer, pick another trail as it takes at least 15 minutes for the grooming to properly set up.
  • Help keep the area clean – if you pack it in, pack it out.
  • When stopping, move to the side of the trail.
  • Dogs are not allowed south of the parking lot. A K9 trail is regularly groomed on the north side of the Hedley/Nickel Plate Road. Pets are welcome on this trail.
  • Snowshoers: Please do not walk on the ski trails. If the snowshoe trail crosses the ski trail, walk directly across and avoid stepping on the classic track. Watch for skiers when crossing the ski trails. Stay on the designated snowshoe trails, do not wander off the trail as the tracks you leave may confuse other snowshoers. Follow the trail name markers on the trees, area signs and the yellow flagging tape only. When in doubt , turn around and follow your path home.

These guidelines are designed for the safety and enjoyment of all users. Please be courteous to others and enjoy all that Nickel Plate Nordic Centre has to offer.