Nickel Plate Season Opener Race
Saturday December 2nd 2017 10 am
Day of Race Registration 8.30- 9.30 am
Mass Start- Classic or Skate Technique Categories
All ages – 9 and under -2km $5 10-15yrs 5 km $10 16 and up 10 km $20 (Cash Only)
Fantastic food and drawprizes!
Fundraiser for Nickel Plate Junior Racer Fred Albrechtsen’s trip to Ski Nationals in Thunder Bay

Race Results

Nickel Plate Hoppet Dec 31, 2016 Skate Female

PlaceBibNameFinish Time
1304Anna Goodwin38:19
2301Jenna Sim38:27
3284Katie Weaver40:42
4310Ragan Ross42:09
5289Kiam Wheeler49:15
6282Kathryn Golbeck50:38
7239Mary Kampman49:46
8238Claire Kampman59:22
9237Peggy Kampman1:12:08
10309Ingrid Musselman-Bell1:18:44

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Nickel Plate Hoppet Dec 31, 2016 Classic Male

Place:Bib:Name:Finish Time:
1218Geoff Waterman39:29
2211John Connor41:37
3219Sol Jacques42:39
4204Murray Farbridge42:40
5206Franz Unterberger44:17
6201John Surkan46:30
7212Mathew Broder47:16
8207Simon Albrechtson53:31
9229Steve Kariya54:29
10210Geoff Severide54:51
11209Rick Selles57:45
12305Rowan Musselman-Bell1:16:47

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Nickel Plate Hoppet Dec 31, 2016 Skate Male

Place:Bib:Name:Finish Time:
1307Gareth William29:03
2290Thomas Hardy30:12
3291David Walker31:27
4306Tim Musselman-Bell31:47
5292Alex McDonald32:17
6302Ian Williams33:42
7296Adam Elliot35:16
8297John Wilkie35:33
9281Connor Hobbs38:06
10285Tristan Lee38:10
11280Fred Albrechtson38:24
12286Joe Peters41:18
13298Chris Neenan41:51
14303Ryan Goodwin41:59
15308Dave Matheson42:05
16295Danny Albrechtson44:30
17294Jesse Morwood45:12
18288Matt Strand45:21
19300Rich Finlay51:33
20293Ollie Jacques56:24
21232Tom Kampman59:15

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Note: Nickel Plate’s Annual Loppet is cancelled (originally scheduled for Feb. 4, 2017)
For more information, contact the club at

Nickel Plate Season Opener

December 3, 2016

Race Results

Nickel Plate Season Opener December 3, 2016 Female Adult Classic

Place:Bib:Name:Finish Time:
1286Jessica Broder52:03
2272Sarah Broder58:47
3283Leenn Yapps1:14:20
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More results (links open in PDF format):


Results: Nickel Plate Loppet 30km Classic Event on Saturday, February 6, 2016.

Nickel Plate Classic Loppet Map.

2015 Nickel Plate Loppet Results at Zone 4.

2016 Nickel Plate Loppet 30km Loppet Sponsors

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