2016-17 Ski Season is about to begin

Download the Nickel Plate Junior Racers Registration Form.

Who are the Nickel Plate Junior Racers?

Nickel Plate Junior Racers Skiing Motherlode – Dec. 22, 2016

Nickel Plate Junior Racer Program 2016-17

Hello All Junior Racer Candidates and their Parents,

We suspect all of you have now fully changed gears and have gotten into spring activities like swimming, biking, soccer, and the like. Though it is hard to imagine, we are already planning for the winter season for 2016/17 and would like to grab your attention and get your commitment for the season.

Who is a Potential Junior Racer?

  • Anyone previously registered in the Junior Racer program, or who has been in or completed Level 4 or the track attack level of the SDP program.
  • Skiers who want to ski stronger and faster, and who wish to begin racing
  • Sufficiently skilled and motivated participants in the grade five program will be considered
  • The program will be particularly suited to those kids who enjoy aerobic sports, who wish to attain a high degree of fitness, and who are fairly self motivated.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS – Email Sarah Broder: brodersarah@yahoo.ca or Chris Toneff: christoneff@yahoo.com

The Nickel Plate Junior Racers Committee