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Who are the Nickel Plate Junior Racers?

Nickel Plate Junior Racers Skiing Motherlode – Dec. 22, 2016

Nickel Plate Junior Racer Program 2016-17

Hello All Junior Racer Candidates and their Parents,

We suspect all of you have now fully changed gears and have gotten into spring activities like swimming, biking, soccer, and the like. Though it is hard to imagine, we are already planning for the winter season for 2016/17 and would like to grab your attention and get your commitment for the season.

Who is a Potential Junior Racer?

  • Anyone previously registered in the Junior Racer program, or who has been in or completed Level 4 or the track attack level of the SDP program.
  • Skiers who want to ski stronger and faster, and who wish to begin racing
  • Sufficiently skilled and motivated participants in the grade five program will be considered
  • The program will be particularly suited to those kids who enjoy aerobic sports, who wish to attain a high degree of fitness, and who are fairly self motivated.
The Junior Racer Program is a stand-alone program, with separate fees and administration from the skill development program (Saturday mornings) that Nickel Plate Nordic offers. Murray Farbridge and Naemi Fiechter will be coaching the team this season.

Dryland Sessions to build strength, balance, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness start the first Tuesday after Labour Day weekend (Sept 13/2016). Activities will include roller skiing (the team has some to borrow), ski bounding with poles, and cross-country running. All activities are with the aim of preparing the kids for xcountry ski season, but are above all fun. The Dryland sessions will occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and go for about 90 minutes, commencing at 3:30PM. Initially, we will meet at the Pen High Track (like last year), but some sessions may take place on Campbell Mountain, Giant’s Head, or other venues. Headlamps may be necessary as the days shorten up, as well as water bottles and appropriate clothing, and sometimes ski poles. Towards the end of the fall, we will book a gym for indoor activities. There will be plenty of advance warning about what to wear, what to bring, and where to meet. We are usually able to carpool the kids to the activities between the various families.

Once again this year we will offer a special fee for just dryland training (Starting Sept 13/2016 training on Tuesday only) if you aren’t sure if you want to register your child for the whole winter program but want to get a jump start on your training for the winter. If you register for this your child will also be invited to the dryland weekend training camp at Nickel Plate/Apex on Sept 23-25/2016 (note more details below).

There are two streams with the Nickel Plate Junior Racers – DEVELOPMENT and COMPETITIVE.

  • The Development stream will be expected to attend at least once weekly for dryland training in the fall, and once weekly on snow when conditions permit, as well as the Saturday on-snow session
  • The Competitive stream will be expected to attend dryland training twice per week during the fall, and on-snow twice weekly, as well as a Saturday on-snow session.


On-snow evening sessions, once the snow arrives, will take place at Nickel Plate Nordic on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Carpooling will be necessary. Kids should bring a significant snack/dinner to eat after the workout and a change of clothes for the ride down. We have a dedicated large storage locker in the main waxing shed so the kid’s skis can be left there safely at NP, if they so choose. We meet at the Home Hardware Parking lot at 3:30, which should mean that we are back in town by 730PM at the latest. If your child attends KVR or Pen High there are always parents shuttling from there, and often parents shuttle from Summerland as well.

All participants will be expected to attend at least one competition outside of the club event throughout the season. This may involve carpooling, and possibly food and accommodation expenses.

The fall dryland training camp at Nickel Plate will occur the weekend of SEPT 23-25/2016. This event has always been a TON of fun and past activities have included huge hikes to the top of Apex Mountain, stretching sessions, and mountain biking. The whole team sleeps at cabins/condos at Apex and all meals are made on site at one family’s condo. It is a great team building event.   We will also have an early winter on-snow training camp that will be organized at NP – pending snow, it is currently planned for mid November 2016 (more details will be provided). These training camps will involve an EXTRA fee to cover the costs of food. Last year this fee was around $75/person for the whole weekend. Many of the parents also attended these camps and joined in the training.

Murray will meet with those interested in roller skiing in JUNE to review the technique. We can lend some roller skis to interested and committed team members. Dates and times will be provided by email.   Though we don’t officially train together through the summer, team members are encouraged to hike, bike, run, paddle, etc. to build endurance and upper body/core strength. Murray will also review training plans with the competitive group and will be asking the team members to send in biweekly updates on their training.

  • Skiers will develop skills and fitness on snow that will amaze you, and benefit their other athletic and scholastic endeavors. Elite Nordic Skiers have tremendous aerobic fitness. Also, a focus on skiing, racing, and training makes the cold dark winter months fly by!
  • In past, most “graduates” of the SDP program and their families have abandoned NP and gone on to alpine skiing or other activities. The Junior racer program will help to keep your kids and your family involved in Nordic skiing.
  • Already our Junior racers have attended Okanagan Series and BC Cup events and have done amazingly well, and have given our club great advertising and exposure.  In 2014, Rachel Shanner and in 2016 Fred Albrechtson represented our clubs at the BC Winter Games. Currently, Fred Albrechtson and Sol Jacques have been nominated to the 2016/17 BC Development Squad.

Enthusiastic Grade 5 program participants would have an opportunity to join the Junior Racer program. Generally, most Grade 5’ers are too old to join the SDP (jackrabbit) program at this point, but a few sufficiently athletic and motivated kids might really be turned on by Nordic skiing..

  • The overall skiing standard at NP is being raised – infrastructure initiatives such as lighted trails (hopefully soon), the new waxing room, coaching opportunities, and the simple visibility of the kids skiing well and often will accomplish this.
  • The excitement of night skiing! Evening workouts initially will be kept to the inner trails, with easy access to the cabin. A safety plan will be enforced to ensure that no one could possibly be left out there in the dark.
  • The racers have accumulated a comprehensive race wax kit for exclusive use of the junior racers, as well as a tent and waxing horses to take to all competitions.
  • 30%). This will help to keep costs down, as the kids are starting to require better gear as they excel at skiing. We are trying to set up a system of internally reselling our better used gear to the younger/newer junior racers, to help mitigate the cost of all this growing and filling out!We have multiple sets of roller skis, for exclusive use by junior racers for dryland training in the summer and fall.
  • Jakroo will again be creating our unique team uniforms for this season.Insurance will be covered by the kids’ ongoing membership at NPCCSC, with the built-in insurance fee paid to CCBC. This will also cover summer and fall ski club activities, including dry land training.
This program is only sustainable with considerable parental input.

We will need committed parents for:

  • Carpool coordination and driving
  • Fundraising
  • Race Coordination and driving
  • Wax Technicians at Races
  • Fall and winter weekend training camp coordination/execution
  • Unanticipated needs!!!
We will start dryland training Tuesday Sept 13/2016 for the competitive stream (continuing Tuesday/Thursdays) and the Development Team will train with the competitive stream on Tuesdays starting Sept 13/2015. When the snow falls, we will add in Saturday training from 10-NOON at Nickel Plate.
Which races, we attend will be worked out as the season progresses. The most important “must attend” races will be decided by Murray well in advance. The Saturday session may be cancelled if most of the Junior Racers are planning on racing on a particular day. Most scheduled races occur on Saturdays. We will need plenty of parental support on race days. There will be lots more to come on this.
The fees cover coaching costs and some of the group equipment. Additional costs to be covered individually will include items such as race entry fees, racing outfits, travel costs to races, and training camps, if attended.

2016/2017 FEES: Once again we are offering an early bird discounted bonus which includes a reduced fee and a “signing bonus” which this year will be a two training shirts (one short sleeve and one long sleeve) plus a good quality headlamp (depending on our costs, there may be a small fee for the headlamp).

  • Developmental stream – $450 and can be paid with TWO post dated cheques of $225 paid by July 4/2016 and October 17/2016.
  • Competitive stream – $600 and can be paid with TWO post dated cheques of $300 dated July4, 2016 and October 17/2016.

This year, late registration received after July 5st will be associated with an increased fee: $675 for competitive and $525 for developmental, and the team shirts can be purchased separately if desired.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS – Email Sarah Broder: brodersarah@yahoo.ca or Chris Toneff: christoneff@yahoo.com

The Nickel Plate Junior Racers Committee